7 Years Today

One of the best decisions I ever made. Don’t get me wrong I’m still miserable, but I can’t imagine how much worse I’d be if I hadn’t gotten sober. Life is hard no matter what, but at least nowadays I’m exploring the darkest recesses of my psyche with a floodlight instead of a candle. If you’ve ever considered stopping drinking just try it out for a month then consider another month and then another. The bars and the parties and the booze aren’t going anywhere. If you quit for a year or 5 years all that shit will still be there and you will not have missed out on a single event. The one thing none of us will get back is time and that for me has always been a motivating factor for everything I do. I don’t miss the bars or the parties or the anonymous casual sex because after a while it became a broken record. The last 7 years have been filled with a lot of firsts and cool experiences that I had not realized were taking a backseat to bad habits, bad time management and zero self care. So if anything, just try something new for a year. Day one of anything is the hardest, but it gets easier and more manageable. I promise. ❤️

Nick YoussefComment